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Baptist Book Store display of MY|eebosMY|EEBO COLOR TABLET


A great Christmas gift.

We have MY|Eebo Color Tablets for sale. You can purchase this 8″ color tablet and download Christian music, games and books (Christian bestsellers and new titles). MY|Eebo consists of “All Christian Media.”


Contact us at 800-264-2482.



eebo screen with Christian books



Read the Bible and Christian books, newspapers and magazines.
Listen to Christian music and audiobooks.
Watch videos.
Check email.
Surf the web.
Take pictures.



Portrait with apps



ESV & KJV Bibles
Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter
Evernote, Dropbox
Netflix, Skype, Angry Birds Space
Safe Search & Parental Control
Free Books/Music

WiFi Connected





The Screen Ratio is like a Mini-iPad. Touch Screen. Android OS. Jelly Bean. Open format to over 500,000 Android Apps. Front/rear camera. Has some features not available on Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet. 8GB Memory w/HDMI port & Micro SD slot.

Front, back, side view



MY|Eebo Compares To Other Tablets

Compare MY|eebo to Kindle Fire and Nook



Apps for iPad and Kindle Fire.

iPad Is A Trademark Of Apple, Inc. Kindle Fire Is A Trademark Of Amazon. Nook Tablet Is A Trademark Of Barnes And Noble.




6 thoughts on “MY|eebo Color Tablet – All Christian Media

  1. i purchased a yesterday, and it worked for about an hour, and now after charging for 5 or more hours, i cant get it to come on.

    • Lorene,

      If you purchased your My|eeBo from us (Baptist Book Store, Texarkana, TX), you can call 800-264-2482 and someone can help you. If not, contact the retailer that you bought it from. Or, contact the company directly –


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